Our product warranty


Our warranties are crafted with the same regard for detail that is applied to every item we produce. DaVan Co. offers a Limited 1-Year Warranty for purchases made through www.davandesigns.com

Our 1-Year Limited Warranty is only valid for customers purchasing directly from our website. If you purchased your DaVan Co. Product from a retailer, please contact the retailer directly for their return/warranty policies. DaVan Co. is not responsible for warranty claims of products purchased from retailers.

We are trying to help the planet by repairing bags, if possible. DaVan Co. has the authority to determine if the cost of repairs exceeds a reasonable amount, a replacement will be issued in lieu of a repair. DaVan Co. will repair or replace products at our own discretion. DaVan Co, will not perform non-warranty repairs or alterations. If you warranty claim is approved, please ensure your products are cleaned prior to being returned for repair.

Manufacturing Defects

The following variables are considered to be workmanship defects and are covered under our 1-year limited warranty:

  • Broken Zippers
  • Broken Hardware (removable straps, buckles, snaps, and/or buttons)
  • Split seams
Accidental Damage

The following variables are considered normal wear and tear and are not covered under DaVan Co.’s 1-year limited warranty:

  • Stains
  • Fading and/or discolouration due to improper care or excessive sun exposure
  • Melted zippers/fabric
  • Rips, tears, and/or cuts
  • Fabric abrasion and/or pilling
  • Damages during flight, transport, or by any carrier

If your claim falls within the warranty period, please complete our 1-year limited warranty claim form. Accepted warranty claims are eligible for repairs or a replacement. DaVan Co. reserves the right to determine if a repair or replacement is warranted.

**DaVan Co. is not responsible for shipping fees.**